Even though your baby is very small they still have the same needs for hair care that adult dogs have. If you want to make your puppy as healthy and happy as they can be, you will need to begin to train him or her to accept grooming easily at an early age.

Regular brushing, combing and bathing are important. We can do this for you here, but will still need your help at home to make sure that the pup’s coat doesn’t get matted and to keep them used to the whole idea.

To maintain the puppy’s hair at home you will need:

  • Slicker or Pin Brush

  • Metal comb

  • Shampoo

  • Conditioner

  • Hand dryer with adjustable heat

  • Regular use of these items

Basic puppy grooming will consist of a bath, a good brush out, the sanitary area being trimmed, under and over eyes trimmed per breed standard, trim nails, remove hair from pads, round the feet, cleaning ears and removing hair if it needs to be done. In some cases, like with Schnauzers or Cocker spaniels, we will attempt to at least do a breed profile head, and if the puppy permits we will start the adult pattern as well. It is never a good idea to force the clipping on a puppy, so we go slow and easy in the first visit or two. The first grooming appointments are all about getting the puppy used to the sounds, feelings and processes involved with grooming.

Forcing a puppy to do more than they are comfortable with can traumatize a puppy for life and that can result in an adult dog that is terrified of grooming and needs to be sedated. It is better for everyone to go slow and easy and acclimate the puppy to the process. Please understand that puppy’s very first trims may not be perfectly even due to the softer texture of the puppy coat and the wiggly nature of very young animals.

Weekly baths are wonderful to get the puppy accustomed to the grooming it will require for life. We can do this or you can do it at home. Just make sure to brush out the puppy completely while drying them and get out all of the mats. Bath time can be fun for both of you if done regularly.

For puppies I really suggest 2-4 week intervals for grooming in the salon, for the first few months as it is a learned process for the puppy. If you go too far in between sessions they will forget everything they learned and have to start over. As an adult, a monthly grooming session will cost you less and result in a nicer looking, happier, healthier pet.


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