We have an affordable non-anaesthetic dog teeth de-scaling & brushing service available for your fur-baby big or small! 

ULTRASONIC TEETH BRUSHING: Prevents building up tartar and kill off any bacteria along the gum lines and teeth which can cause bad breath. This process usually takes only 10 minutes. Your pet’s teeth are then polished with a special paste safe for cats and dogs. If you want to upgrade your full groom with our ultrasonic teeth brushing service just let us know before your visit. 


ULTRASONIC TEETH SCALING : An ultrasonic teeth scaling means that the groomer is using a special instrument that vibrates at a very high frequency to remove the plaque and tartar. For pets with areas that require a deeper cleaning or for stubborn tartar traditional  teeth-scaler is used. Your pet’s teeth will be polished with a special paste. By appointment only.

Please note: this is a non-anaesthetic treatment which only can be done if your dog is cooperative and non-aggressive.

If your dog`s teeth are significantly scaled or loose, we would recommend that you seek veterinary attention initially for a dental descale under anaesthetic.