The Full Story


Every brand starts with a story. Ours was simple but can’t be ignored…

The lack of gentle and safe products on the market spurred us to create a range of dog grooming products carefully tailored to your dog’s allergy-prone, sensitive skin. We believe genuinely gentle products are underestimated; those are do more than avoid irritation - they actually help your your dog's skin to function.

The founder as a dog groomer working on many dogs with ultra-sensitive skin she had to be very selective with the products used on the dogs. It became a passionate quest to understand the origin of the ingredients, their properties and their benefits for the dogs' skin & hair with a special focus on natural and naturally derived botanical ingredients.

Therefore, Pawtique was created by  Szilvia Peka who is a dog groomer, dog grooming salon owner with skin – and haircare formulator background...


Our ultimate goal is for all Pawtique products to be free from harmful ingredients so that every dog owner’s purchasing decision can be finally stress and worry free. 

Pawtique's passion to establish the highest standards in dog grooming products and change our industry for better.

There is always a better way!


Our vision was creating a premium dog grooming product line that suits your dog’s unique needs using carefully selected safe and high-quality ingredients. 

All of our products are gentle and kind to your dog’s skin, yet powerful enough to help achieve the desired result. 

We use human grade but perfectly safe ingredients for dogs without harmful and irritating compounds known to upset your dog’s skin. Our products are created to be extremely gentle, not causing any redness, discomfort or irritation. 

We think what we leave out is just as important as what we put in. We promise using the highest quality organic, natural or naturally derived ingredients where it is possible. 

All ingredients are listed on our products or website and can be checked on EWG’s skin deep cosmetic database.