New logo for Pawtique Pet Grooming

There was a lot of hesitancy over the redesign. There was no real strategic reason behind replacing my original over-ornate logo, just wanted something new, fresh & clean without going too "trendy". Trendy logos can be fun and exciting, but they can quickly look outdated. A classic style is what stays and won’t appear outdated when the trend has passed.

I stuck to the monochrome palette as it looks nice with all colours (I haven't made up my mind yet regarding colour scheme yet but it won't be long).

I have spent weeks for designing my logo as it will have a huge impact on the first impression my business is going to makes so I wanted to make sure it’s done well. It will stare back at you from my website, my business cards, the appointment reminders, the shop window etc.

Voila! :

I hope you all will like it!

I wanted to create something classic & elegant but still clean & fresh look. I think I managed to archived that.

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